Monday, February 23, 2009

Years ago

Some of my past works. circa 1998-99...

Old man with straw hat.
acrylic on canvas board.
Its a plate from way back in college. Painted from a live model.

Magnolia sa bote.
Watercolour on paper.
There was a time when a Prang Watercolour set was my best friend. I attempted to emulate the great Toti Cerda back then. My classmates and i used to go to Megamall often to see if there is a new toti cerda painting in the art center. Heres a sample...

He's really one of the greatest watercolourist ever.

My Father
Oil on canvas
From another great influence. Rembrandt. I tried to copy his look and technique here. And as you can see, its pathetic compared to the master...

Portrait study
acrylic on canvas
One of my lazy college plates. This one is done under 20 minutes. Because i was too lazy to do anything serious that day. And i wanted to get it done as quick a possible so i can leave the classroom and hangout with friends.

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